Changes in our household!

So things have changed – and I do owe tons of apologies for not keeping this beautiful blog updated – it is my intent to do better.

Part of the thing is that we lead such VERY active lives. This blog I’m thinking will be my relax space, and my space to sink into home.

Okay so what changed?

We sold our goats. I was sad in a bittersweet sort of way. The family who bought them is amazing and awesome and I feel very blessed that they got them – but I also miss them a bit moe than I anticipated.

We got a new puppy. His name is biscuit and he’s a little ball of fun. So far at 4 months he’s only 2 lbs. It looks like he’ll e a wee one for sure!

Chickens are laying prolifically. Seriously. We get sometimes 6-8 eggs a day from 4 hens. I’m still not sure how they’re doing that be we love our girls and plan to get at least 2 more layers and some meat chickens shortly.

We got the Great Room painted – but still haven’t finished laying the flooring in the hall outside our bedroom. Something keeps coming up. Maybe we can finally get it finished this week. We’ll see!

That’s all the changes so far – but I’m sure there’s more to come, for now I’m going to get to work on updating my Household Management Book 🙂



Chicken care and maintenance

Good fabulous afternoon!

I’m sitting here with a cuppa cold brew coffee and can I tell you it is MAGNIFICENT! Seriously.  If you have not tried it you must must MUST make some. Soon.

OH yes, Chickens! That’s what I came here to discuss.

We’ve had the chickens about 3 weeks now. And I’m super surprised at how easy they are to care for.  In fact I’ve been asked a bit about how much time it takes to care for them.

So here it is. Keep in mind that we have not had time to finish making out automatic feeder OR waterer – so we’re watering and feeding daily.
Once we get those up and running this will cut down on time substantially.

  • Open door to coop
  • Add feed to Feed dish (and produce if available that day)
  • Empty and refill water container
  • Sift Sand in coop (We decided to change from Pine shavings to sand – OMG HUGE difference!)
  • Check laying area for  cleaning
  • Evening time – close coop door

Total time: 5-7 minutes

That’s really it. During the day I’ll come out and watch them – its so much fun and so serene, but it’s not a “must do”.

Interestingly it takes far more energy and time caring for our pets than it does to care for the chickens and the goats. Go figure!


No one would believe this…

In case you didn’t know the Man and I are big believers in “Woo”  – this is our term for Spirituality that is totally individualistic and based on an intimate a dynamic relationship with Divinity and Source.

We live this and it is a constant companion.

Today I was driving back from running some errands, picking up a few items from the grocery store. I pulled up our drive way and there standing silently and regally in front of our house, by the front door – was a PEACOCK.

Now – let me attempt to explain why this is odd in case it’s not obvious.

We live on a rocky hill.

There are no petting zoos, no peacock farms or the like by us.

We’re not in a subdivision or the like.

In fact there’s no reason I can conceive us for a peacock to be in front of our house.

I stood there grocery bags in hand – he stared at me and I stared at him.

He turned and began to walk to the side of the house – I followed, mouth still agape, fiddling with my phone furiously to take pictures.  He walked into the back yard and I continued to follow by this time I had the attention of The Athlete who began taking pictures as the peacock stood upon our retaining wall.

Peacocks have been a love of mine for a while now. We had feathers in our wedding… but never have I been sought out by one.

Until now.

Something so profound is not to be ignored. I feel honored and humbled at His message.

  • Glory
  • Vision
  • Royalty
  • Spirituality
  • Awakening
  • Immortality
  • Refinement
  • Incorruptibility

In addition what most spoke to me were 2 aspects – that of Intuition (of inner See-ing) and the Embracing of our own Regalness and Royal nature. To feel free in the releasing of self judgement and living Vibrantly and unabashedly.

Thank you Peacock!! Message confirmed and received. I can’t wait to add a feather to my altar!

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Family update

Recently I’ve begun my Master Gardener Internship, I’m working towards MG Certification hopefully by November.  I thought I’d share some of the lessons we learn in class here especially since beyond the day to day’s of life not much is going on. I’ll share that tomorrow but for now here’s a life update:

  • Kidlets are about to start school – in about 2 weeks to be exact
  • DS who is The Athlete has begun Football practice this week
  • DD who is The Athlete is rarely seen as she’s usually doing something for basketball – this has lasted all summer much to The Man and I’s chagrin.
  • DS – The Sage is starting middle school this year, and has also decided he’d like to try locing his hair. Seems like this will be a busy week as starting his locs will likely take me at least 3-4 hours.
  • Goats are doing well – we’ve increased their fresh kitchen scraps/produce  quite a bit and they are fairing well on it thus far
  • No chicken yet- The Man is still not in love with the coops we’ve seen – and we haven’t had much time to run about to see others. Hopefully by next month.


Best Shave EVER!

As we’re going towards more and more “Greening” it is important to know that this is not just about a sort of Universal care for the planet – at least not for us.

Yes Gaia is important to us, but it is difficult to sustain a true passion daily if there is not immediate perceived benefit (This is also a principle of Permaculture)

Much of what we do – is also based in our core belief that Natural, Holistic living is what is BEST for us.  This is not mere pie in the sky woo-woo. Scientists, Doctors, Studies have all shown in numerous ways that while modern advances in medicine have helped greatly with our not succumbing to certain diseases – our modern LIFESTYLE has and is weakening us and causing Dis-Ease.

We don’t want this. Not for us, not for our children.

ON the other hand – we live a life based on “Highest and Best” – based on eating the most delicious foods, seeing the most lovely sights, experiencing a Beautiful Life. We don’t feel we have to sacrifice one for the other.

If we’re going natural, organic, whole – it still has to feel good. Pleasure is important.

We’re sustainable. We’re eco-caring. We love a good DIY project. We’re not particularly on the survivalist- hunker-down- in-a-bunker-eat-military-rations- tract at this point in our lives.

Okay so what does all of this have to do with shaving.

We do quite a bit of it around here. Smooth soft skin is a must-have.  At the same time I’ve been relatively unhappy with most shaving creams. They leave the skin dry; or at least MY skin dry. And the chemicals… oy!

One day being out of shaving cream I decided to try conditioner. That worked okay but still not as good as I would have liked, and frankly having conditioner so close to my more intimate areas just seemed like a bad idea.

The next time I just used a bit of my coconut oil.  AMAZING!

The bathroom is steamy and warm so the oil was melted. My legs, under arms, and other parts felt soft, moisturized and NO razor burn.

The Man has started using the same thing on his face with similar results.

If coconut oil is too thick for you (it can be a bit more difficult to rinse out of your blade) try grapeseed oil or olive oil.

For those of you who absolutely NEED a recipe here you go:

  • ½ oz calendula petals, chopped up finely
  • ½ oz yarrow flowers, chopped up finely
  • 10 oz. grapeseed oil (you can use olive or avocado or even coconut oil)

Just warm oil and botanicals for a few hours. Strain and jar.

These shaving oils feel down right luxurious. You won’t be disappointed!


Goat Feeding

We’ve had the goats for a bit over a month now and they’re doing very well it seems.

They’ve adjusted to the splitting of their herd, and to the location change with ease.

In the last couple of weeks we’ve begun another change by adding ingredients to their diet.

One thing about our perspective on sustainability and life in general is no waste. We try to use everything if possible and to “throw away” as little as possible. It’s a process for us and some days are better than others.

We’ve restarted our daily juicing.  With juicing comes tons of pulp.

Sometimes I use the very fruity pulp in morning glory muffins. But lately I’m doing a lot of greens – and who better to turn those over to than – you guessed it – the goats!

This is perfect because we have not set up our compost system yet. Our plan is to use all kitchen scraps for goats, then chickens then compost (in that order). However sense we dont have our chickens or compost yet this is a perfect time to offer and observe with the herd.

We introduce a small amount of the kitchen scrap to the goats, add a bit more and wait. So far they seem to like everything we’ve given them: Nettles, Carrots, Celery, Spinach and Kale, apples, and a little bit of peppers. They loved the chamomile as well.

Whenever I make juice, chop up veggies (which is daily),  create an infusion – I check to see if what I’m making is “okay” for goats (there is often no definitive opinion) – put it in a bowl and offer it over a few days.

This week I order the herbs for the goat worming formula as well as restock some of my own herbal supply for us humans. I LOVE ordering herbs!!

They’re gaining weight nicely, bonded to the family (they will actually follow me around when I let them out of their pen) and seem content.

I’m a good goat mama I think!

Two Goats, One pen

As we mentioned had to downsize our little herd.  We only have 2 girls left.

That being the case we also decided to move them from the front yard to the back yard so that they attract less attention. We had people driving slowly down our street on the way to the Marina oogling them daily.

Moving the pen and the shelter took most of a Hot Texas Saturday.

Our back yard is not flat – in fact there’s about 3 feet then it’s a hill that sort of rises straight up to  a flat area where an alley to the main road was cut out of the hill…then more hill. So we sat the goat pen at the top which meant pounding t-posts into solid rock.

The goat pen is smaller. The other one was 12 x 30 feet. This one is about 12 by 20. That’s okay as miniature goats only have a need for 25sq ft. per. and this is far above that for only 2 goats.

And they’ve adjusted well.  Here’s there current schedule:

  • 6:30-7am – Feeding (Purina Goat Chow (looking into possibly making my own feed or finding organic), change water, add minerals and baking soda
  • 2:oopm – Allow to browse  for about one hour
  • 5:00pm – Hay and Kitchen scraps

They seem to be doing well on this thus far – they’re gaining weight and their coats seem to be taking on a bit of luster. I did notice that Winters horns are peeling a bit. This isn’t unusual for her age – however I’m going to add a bit of alfalfa to their hay ration and check the protein content of the feed to be sure it’s not a protein deficiency.

We’re going to order a goat worming fecal kit  and herbs for worming within the next week or so. It’s about time for worming and we need to check to see what’s going on.

Hopefully we’ll have chickens next month. We’d like to start with 2 layers and add a few chicks.

Also on the agenda is building our Fall Garden beds!

Saying goodbye for now…

As you may have noticed from our previous post we loved our little herd… LOVED them.

Unfortunately the city we live in has a weird ordinance that limits the amount of goats you can keep on less than 5 acres to 2.

We weren’t aware of this prior to getting them (obviously) because the county has no such ordinance and we simply didn’t know to check on a city level – especially since we have no homeowners association and there are tons of farms surrounding us.

So this meant making a decision.

We decided to re-home the boys.

In keeping with our goal of increased sustainability and milk production keeping the girls was simply the wisest decision. While this was not something we wanted to do as always the Universe had our back.

A lovely woman drove up yesterday pointing and showing her  3 or 4 yo daughter the goats. They have 7 acres. She was wondering where we got the goats and if there were anymore, so I told her we had to sell 2 of ours and why. She seemed interested and then said she might be back. Honestly I didn’t have high hopes on seeing her again.

Imagine my surprise and delight when she returned later yesterday afternoon with her hubby in tow – we talked pricing and even said that when it’s time for breeding I can bring my girls to her (or vice versa) and then we can split the kids.  Not only that but she’s located within a couple miles of our place. This was an ideal situation for us!

And so it was with bitter sweet kisses we said not goodbye but “see you later babies” to our wether and our buck. I’m sure they have a lovely home and we can’t wait to visit them once they get settled.

The girls seem a bit upset- there has been lots of crying today so we’ve spent more time with them loving them up. If they don’t settle by tomorrow I may give them a bit of chamomile to help. We’ll see.  Such is the homestead adventure!

Introducing… Elemental Peace’s Herd!

Last night the Man and I ventured an hour and a half away to a city about 20 minutes from Lockhart to pick up our goats!  This after a full day of rebuilding the goat house, pounding t-posts (14 of them) and wrapping fencing.  The Man opted out of the fully enclosed goat house for now because it gets darn hot here in Texas.  I fretted over the dimensions wondering if it’d be big enough.  Finally it was done!

The completed goat shed

Once it was all done we headed out to pick up the goats… Without further ado I present to you…. ~drumroll please!!~

Winter – Head Herd doe

Critter – Herd Buck – We haven’t decided if we’re going to change his name or not


Summer – Second herd doe


Casanova – The Wether


Everyone seems to be settling in nicely. Last night they were very quiet and this morning they made a ruckus when I went to leave after feeding them. Aren’t they lovely!??